Remote Sensing Applications Consultants (RSAC) was established in 1986 to provide specialist services to developers and users of Earth observation. The company continues to develop expertise in the use of remotely sensed data and associated technologies for land applications, world-wide. In addition to image pre-processing and analysis, this expertise encompasses GIS, GPS, field data collection, software customisation and project support and management.

RSAC applies operational computer-based satellite image analysis techniques, maintaining a leading edge in this fast changing field through active participation in UK, European Space Agency (ESA) and European Union (EU) projects. The company has in-depth experience of a range of commercially available satellite imagery: in particular, IKONOS, Quickbird, SPOT, Landsat, IRS, ERS, Envisat and RADARSAT as well as airborne data (CASI, SLAR, Lidar) and aerial photography.

Since 2002, RSAC has provided daily acquisition planning for the CHRIS instrument onboard ESA's PROBA satellite.

RSAC is constantly seeking to develop operational uses for remote sensing data where the unique capabilities and cost advantages of aerial and satellite imagery find practical application. Supporting this work is the in-house development of customised systems that incorporate remote sensing, GIS, GPS and database technologies. This approach has underpinned the success of RSAC and other organisations to whom systems have been supplied.

RSAC provides ESA with significant technical support for activities such as campaign management and publications.

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RSAC is a privately owned limited company registered in England. The company is a member of BARSC (the British Association of Remote Sensing Companies), reflecting the company's objective of converting promising research in remote sensing into practical use on an industrial scale.