Services we offer

We are experienced in a number of areas:

Crop Mapping: We have are able to offer crop mapping services where we classify the crop types present in images based on satellite imagery.

Operational projects:Large-scale image processing, analysis and mapping projects for agricultural or environmental monitoring.

Scientific support: e.g. for ESA EO Exploitation and Services Division and the ESA Campaigns Unit.

Project management: Coordination of scientific campaigns and administration of international programmes.

Web applications development: We have a lot of experience in building web based map applications.

Satellite mission support: Image acquisition planning for the CHRIS-PROBA experiment.

Technical assistance with GIS and Image Processing: Requirements analysis, system selection, procurement, implementation and software customisation.

Programme review and development: Work on behalf of international funding agencies to review remote sensing programmes and to determine further development potential.

Applied research: Contract studies on scientific applications, including the organisation of ground surveys.

Training: In applications of satellite imagery and use of specialist software within a GIS framework. We are experienced in all the major GIS software packages available (Such as ERDAS IMAGINE, ARCGIS, and Various OSGeo software packages such as Quantum GIS).

If you have a project that we can be of some assistance with, please get in touch.