About RSAC

RSAC Ltd was established in 1986 to provide specialist services to developers and users of Earth Observation. The company continues to develop expertise in the use of remotely sensed data for land applications worldwide. Interest is currently focussed on the exploitation of Copernicus satellite data and cloud-based analysis tools. In addition to image processing and analysis, this our expertise encompasses GIS, field data collection and development of customised applications and services.

We apply computer-based satellite image analysis techniques operationally, maintaining a leading edge in this developing field through active participation in UK, European Union (EU) and European Space Agency (ESA) projects. The company is experienced with a range of satellite imagery as well as airborne data and drone survey, and specialises in developing methods for the effective use of optical and radar satellite data for agricultural, forestry and environmental applications.

The company is constantly seeking to develop operational uses for remote sensing data where the unique capabilities and cost advantages of satellite imagery find practical application. We achieve successful outcomes by working closely with users to address very specific requirements and helping to develop solutions that can in future be operated independently.

We provide ESA with significant scientific and technical support for exploitation activities and campaign management. RSAC managed daily acquisition planning for scientific PIs of the CHRIS instrument onboard ESA's Proba-1 satellite for the duration of its record-breaking 20-year mission.

RSAC is a privately owned limited company registered in England. The company is a member of BARSC (the British Association of Remote Sensing Companies), reflecting the company's objective of converting promising research in remote sensing into practical use at scale.

Who We Are

RSAC has a dynamic team composed of:

All core staff have a higher education background and considerable experience in all aspects of geo-spatial information. As the company's work is mainly project based, a skills database of remote sensing scientists and land applications specialists is maintained and short-term contracts regularly offered.

RSAC Competencies

If you have a project that we can be of some assistance with, please get in touch.